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Zanellis Italian Cuisine
Zanellis Italian Cuisine
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Breads and Sides  Coffees and Liqueurs
Coffees and Liqueurs  Coffees and Liqueurs
Breads and Sides
Tantalise your tastebuds with these freshly made breads (ciabatta) reminiscent of the flavours and aroma of traditional Italian cuisine.
(Two pieces per serve)

Garlic and Parsley 6.10
Sundried Tomato & Almond Pesto 6.10
Chili and Tomato with Garlic 6.10
Black Olive Paste 6.10
Basil Pesto 6.10
(Multiple selection available)  
Side Dishes
Rosemary Potatoes 6.10
Vegetables of the Day 6.10
Marinated Olives 6.10
Garden Salads (2 sizes) 11.20 or 6.10
(Sides dishes are accompaniment to Main only)  

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