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Zanellis Italian Cuisine
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Coffees and Liqueurs
Italians know the value of a good wine, liqueur or coffee to complete an amazing dining experience and here at Zanellis we continue that tradition by offering you a number of after dinner drinks designed to ensure your tastebuds have maximised every enjoyable moment!

Dessert Wine
Passito di Pantelleria with Biscotti on the side
Passito di Pantelleria
This is a very special wine with luscious apricot tones and raisin hints.

Barres 10 year Tawny
Barres 20 year Tawny

Italian Liqueurs
Limited selection, please enquire
Grappa di Barolo
Italian Vecchia Brandy

Cognac VSOP fine Champagne

Limited Selection, please enquire

All spirits served as double shots

Coffee Liqueurs
Our popular coffee liqueurs are served with a double shot of coffee, a double nip of liqueur and topped with whipped cream. The liqueurs include: Irish, Kahlua, Galliano, Bailey’s, Amaretto, Frangelico, Grand Marnier, Benedictine, Drambuie, Tia Maria.

Cappuccino/Flat White/Latte/Mochaccino
Hot Chocolate
Espresso/Long Black
Short Black
Decafe Extra
Extra shot of coffee available


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