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Zanellis Italian Cuisine
Zanellis Italian Cuisine
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Great things do take time to cook. Here in Zanellis, the build up to the main event is every bit as important when it comes to tantalising and teasing the taste-buds. Our range of starters and side dishes is designed to ensure you maximise your dining experience with us.

Buon Appetito.

Minestra del giorno

Soup of the day

Brushetta gamberoni con salsa di pomodoro

Prawns/Grilled Ciabatta/ Wilted Spinach/ Basil Aioli.


Thinly sliced Eye Fillet/ Capers/ Parmesan Shavings/ lemon juice and Olive Oil dressing

Cozze al Forno

Fresh new Zealand Green Lip mussels/ Spicy crumb gratin

Salmone con Polenta

Pan fried Calamari/ Green Salad/ Salsa Verde Sauce.

Pettinidi con bocconici e pomodoro

Seared Scallops/ Lightly Roasted Tomato/ Bocconcini/ Fresh Basil/ Balsamic dressing.

Salmone affumicato

Hot Smoked Salmon/ White bean & Parmesan Fritter/ Capsicum salad/ Sundried Tomato Pesto.

Insalata di frutta a guscio e formaggio blue

Roasted Almonds, Hazelnuts, Pinenuts and Walnuts/ Mesculin Greens/ Blue Cheese Dressing.

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